Cold-pressed oils

Why unrefined and cold-pressed?

Cold-pressed oils - nourishing, safe and ecological

For us, beauty is not only outside, but also what is inside.

Our cosmetics are filled with the purest, fresh and unrefined cold-pressed oils . Most of them are BIO certified. Yes, they are much more expensive, but these are our assumptions: simple, effective ingredients as close to nature as possible. We believe you deserve the best. The use of these rich, good-for-you oils in our products is one of the main advantages over most cosmetics available on the market.

This is naturally a good choice!

See how much goodness is hidden in unrefined cold-pressed oils:

Production method

🌱 Cold-pressed oils are produced by mechanical pressing of raw materials at low temperatures, thanks to which they retain a large amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

👎 Oils refined or pressed at high temperatures are subjected to processes that remove valuable nutrients. This process produces much more oil, which is why it is cheaper than its cold-pressed counterpart.

Nutrient content

🌱 Cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for the skin (and health in general).

👎 Additionally refined oils lose many of these ingredients as a result of the refining process.


🌱 Due to the high content of nutrients, cold-pressed oils are more effective in providing the skin with the necessary ingredients.

👎 Low in vitamins and other nutrients, oils pressed at high temperatures do not offer uniform benefits.

Safety and skin compatibility

🌱 Cold-pressed oils are gentler on the skin and have a lower risk of causing allergic reactions or irritations.

👎 Refined oils, although not always, may contain remains of chemicals used in the refining process, which may irritate the skin.


🌱 The cold pressing process is more environmentally friendly because it does not require the use of chemicals or large amounts of energy.

👎 Oil refining is more energy intensive and may lead to the emission of harmful substances.


Use unrefined cold-pressed oils in the kitchen as well. They are perfect for salads and sauces. But remember not to heat them! The thermal process eliminates the beneficial properties of the oil.

You also deserve an additional sentence of explanation. The only refined oil (specifically: butter) we use is fresh, refined shea butter. The reason is simple: unrefined butter has a very specific smell, which disqualifies the product for most of you. The refining process removes this odor from the butter. This version of butter is slightly lower in nutrients, but in all products from Bursztynnik we more than compensate for this by adding extremely valuable cold-pressed oils, extracts and plant macerates to all cosmetics. We also guarantee that our shea butter is of the highest purity in cosmetic quality.


This is the temperature at which the oils are cold pressed, thanks to which they retain their most valuable properties.