And it started like this...

Straight. From the sea.

The history of Manufaktura Amber is not typical of a cosmetics brand. Our first candles, body butters and scrubs were created as... a souvenir from the seaside. Or more precisely: a real souvenir from the seaside. One that we made by the sea ourselves, from natural ingredients, and inside we put a piece of the Baltic Sea - amber.


It's beautiful here.

We create things that are simple by nature.

We create by the sea.

It went on quickly. You appreciated our products and kept coming back to us online, by phone and even in person. We listened to what you needed and sometimes surprised us with completely new products. We still create by the sea, following a few simple rules:

Our products are:

  • simple and effective composition
  • fresh and natural
  • affordable
  • zero-waste possible.

This is all for you, of course!