B2B cooperation


We are already looking forward to working with you! 🤝 We are a small, local company, so we will certainly find a common language. We can offer you fresh cosmetics and natural candles that we create by the sea . And you can sell them even at the end of the world.

Forms of cooperation

We can think of as many as 4 forms of cooperation that we can undertake with you. However, we do not limit ourselves to other possibilities. You have an idea? Please let us know !

Design help

We help you design the design of your point of sale. We will find economical solutions regardless of whether it is a free-standing premises, a point in a shopping arcade or an island.

The right to use the brand

By opening your own sales point, you gain the right to use the Manufaktura Bursztynnika® brand.

Common success

You open a sales point that is fully owned by you. We work for common success, supporting you at the stage of designing, opening and running the store. You can always count on us!