Body scrubs

Our fresh body scrubs are actually not cosmetics. This is a true care philosophy. The natural ingredients they contain, such as sugars, salts and rich butters and cold-pressed oils, guarantee the effect of smooth and nourished skin. Additives such as orange peel, dried lavender or strawberry seeds act as natural abrasives that effectively remove dead skin while massaging and toning the skin.

What's more, each peeling from Manufaktura Amber is a guarantee that your skin will become not only smooth, but above all, soft to the touch. This is our distinguishing feature and our promise to you - that each of our products will provide you not only with a moment of relaxation, but above all with visible care effects. With Bursztynnik's peels, you will experience pleasure and excellent care in one every evening.

Vegetable butters

In each peeling, we used fresh plant butters (from shea nuts, macadamia nuts or mango) rich in vitamins A, E and unsaturated acids Omega 3 and 6.

Natural clays

The peelings delight with intense, vivid colors that are the result of the use of natural clays. In addition to adding color to products, they provide the skin with valuable minerals, supporting its health and beauty.

Drying oils

We use unrefined oils in peelings, which are quickly absorbed and do not leave any greasy residue. They are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, constituting over 50% of their composition.

15 products

Peach creamy body scrubPeach creamy body scrub
Peach creamy body scrub
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Magnolia Purifying PeelingMagnolia Purifying Peeling
Magnolia Purifying Peeling
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
5 Nuts Body Scrub5 Nuts Body Scrub
5 Nuts Body Scrub
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Galactic PeelingGalactic Peeling
Galactic Peeling
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Moisturizing Baltic PeelingMoisturizing Baltic Peeling
Moisturizing Baltic Peeling
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Salty Scrub Lavender & VerbenaSalty Scrub Lavender & Verbena
Salty Scrub Lavender & Verbena
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Fruit Peeling Wild StrawberryFruit Peeling Wild Strawberry
Fruit Peeling Wild Strawberry
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Tropical Mango & Tango PeelingTropical Mango & Tango Peeling
Tropical Mango & Tango Peeling
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Gentle Peeling from Rose GardenGentle Peeling from Rose Garden
Gentle Peeling from Rose Garden
Sale priceFrom 65,00 zł
Forest Blackberry Sugar PeelingForest Blackberry Sugar Peeling
Forest Blackberry Sugar Peeling
Sale priceFrom 35,00 zł
Sugar Cucumber PeelingSugar Cucumber Peeling
Sugar Cucumber Peeling
Sale priceFrom 35,00 zł
Sugar Peeling Honey from the ApiarySugar Peeling Honey from the Apiary
Sugar Peeling Honey from the Apiary
Sale priceFrom 35,00 zł
Red Apple Sugar PeelingRed Apple Sugar Peeling
Red Apple Sugar Peeling
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł
Lilac Sugar PeelingLilac Sugar Peeling
Lilac Sugar Peeling
Sale priceFrom 35,00 zł
Tea Peeling Green TeaTea Peeling Green Tea
Tea Peeling Green Tea
Sale priceFrom 39,00 zł