from Różana 12

In the land of delicacy, it is worth turning to Aleja Różana 12 to immerse yourself in a fairy-tale garden full of damask rose. Discover our most beautiful series with the stunning scent of pure rose petal oil .

Rose petal oil

Each product from Różana 12 contains pure oil from Damask rose petals. To obtain 1 liter of this oil, it is necessary to use 3 to 5 tons of fresh rose petals.

Rose oil

Instead of sunflower oil in the Różana 12 series, we used rosehip seed oil, which has a regenerating and firming effect and also prevents wrinkles.

Even more care

Products from Różana 12 are made in very small batches and are mixed by hand. Each piece is individually checked and hand-decorated.

Fully natural

All cosmetic products from Różana 12 are 100% natural. They do not contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.