Galactic Set

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Galactic Scrub - Size: 250ml
Galaxy Shower Gel - Size: 300ml

Get ready for a cosmic journey in the heart of your bathroom with the Galactic set! 🌌

Galactic care. Just space.
Feel the celestial touch with the shower gel that will wrap your skin gently like a nebula. Experience weightlessness with space jelly that turns everyday washing into an intergalactic experience. The Galactic bath bomb is a real supernova among baths - immerse it in water, wait for the Big Bang and... discover the unknown corners of the universe of relaxation! And the Galactic Peeling? It is a real black hole for impurities that will easily suck in all imperfections, leaving the skin glowing like the North Star. Let yourself be carried away by this galactic adventure and take care of your skin in cosmic style!

Components of the set (compositions and product descriptions available at the links below):
Galactic Shower Jelly
Galactic Shower Gel
Galactic Bath Bomb
Galactic Body Peeling

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