Simply Love bath salt

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Love can be a thorn in your side, it's true. What if it could be salt... for your bath? Po Prostu Miłość - a bath that is a bit playful, a bit perverse, and certainly original!

Every time you immerse yourself in a bath with this salt, you will have the chance to experience love in its purest form - without the risk of tears, of course. 🥲 This bath salt is quite a complicated compound because it is a mixture of exciting and surprising elements. Spicy notes that remind you of the beginnings of a love adventure are mixed here with deeper, juicy accents, symbolizing the maturity of the feeling.

The atmosphere of relaxation is enhanced by delicately pink water, filled with shining sparkles and damask rose petals.

Let yourself be carried away by this unique journey of the senses, where each bath becomes an opportunity to celebrate love together. ❤️

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